Комитет, сформированный из десяти учеников по итогам внутренних оценок. Большинство вопросов в Тоцуки решаются учениками. И именно участники Элитной Десятки разбираются с ними во время своих собраний. В организационной схеме выше них только директор, даже уроки регулируются Элитной Десяткой. Это самый главный орган по решению разных вопросов.

Юки Ёсино говорит Соме Юкихира

Элитная Десятка Тоцуки (遠月十傑評議会 Tōtsuki Jyukketsu Hyōgikai) — студенческий совет в Кулинарной Академии Тоцуки, сформированный из десяти лучших студентов.

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Sōma Yukihira mugshot 2
Сома Юкихира
1-е место
Satoshi Isshiki mugshot (anime)
Сатоси Иссики
A resident of Polar Star Dormitory, Satoshi is famous for his uncanny cooking skills and sly cunning beneath his benevolent and silly personality, along with his care for his Polar Star kouhai. With the vegetables grown on the Polar Star plantation, Satoshi has helped to sell the vegetables to local kitchens and even goes out of his way to teach personal classes at the DEF Kitchen. Another opposition of Azami's doctrine, he was later on dismissed from his position in the Tōtsuki Elite Ten.
2-е место
Terunori Kuga mugshot
Тэрунори Куга
President of the Chinese Cuisine RS, Terunori has trained his Research Society to be able to cook any dish on his menu with such precision, all members can cook a menu dish with no difference in taste from another member. Another opposition of Azami's doctrine, he was later on dismissed from his position in the Tōtsuki Elite Ten.
3-е место
Akira Hayama mugshot (anime)
Акира Хаяма
A master of spices, the winner of the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation Tōtsuki Autumn Election, and the former champion of the Shiomi Seminar, Akira became the provisional 9th Seat of the Elite Ten council after Terunori's position was forcibly vacated by Azami. After his loss against Sōma in the Promotion Exams, he lost his seat in the Elite Ten alongside being expelled from the academy. Hayama's expulsion was reversed when the Rebels overthrew Central and was given the 4th Seat.
4-е место
Ryō Kurokiba mugshot (anime)
Рё Курокиба
Alice's assistant who is normally lazy and passive. However, once he wears his signature headband, he becomes a much more aggressive and intense person. Former head chef of a local Danish pub, Ryō was "rescued" off the streets of Northern Europe after his first encounter with Alice. Since then, Ryō accompanies Alice wherever she goes as her assistant. His cooking forte is seafood, with all kinds of fishes and crustaceans, primarily lobsters, as his main ingredient. His expulsion was reversed. He obtains the 5th seat in the Elite Ten 4 months after Central's downfall.
5-е место
Alice Nakiri mugshot (anime)
Алиса Накири
The current headmaster, Erina's Danish cousin who specializes in molecular gastronomy and Kurokiba's master. Cunning and wise-cracking, Alice is Erina's rival and shows interest in Sōma's interesting personality and cooking style while attempting to humble Sōma and dethrone her cousin as the top prospect. 4 months after her expulsion was reversed during Central’s downfall, she earned the 6th seat in the Elite Ten.
6-е место
Takumi Aldini mugshot 2
Такуми Альдини
The self-proclaimed rival of Sōma. Takumi hails from Florence, Italy and worked for his uncle's restaurant Trattoria Aldini until he recommended that they test their skills at Tōtsuki. Takumi is an Italian cuisine expert and sees Sōma as his greatest rival in the Academy. He earned a seat in the Elite Ten when the Rebels won the Régiment de Cuisine against Azami's Central.
7-е место
Etsuya Eizan mugshot (anime)
Эцуя Эйзан
With a large gang behind him, Etsuya has garnered himself a notorious reputation as a yankee. Despite being only a second year, Etsuya is a well known business consultant, helping many business across Japan prosper, garnering him the nickname the Alquimista. Prior to the Azami Administration, Etsuya was the former 9th seat.
8-е место
Nene Kinokuni mugshot
Нэнэ Кинокуни
Scion to the Kinokuni family, Nene is well versed in traditional Japanese arts. Deadpan, but wielding a sharp tongue. Nene is a soba specialist, specializing in handcrafted soba through the methods of the Kinokuni family that has been passed down for generations.
9-е место
Megumi Tadokoro mugshot (anime)
Мегуми Тадокоро
A meek and polite Tōhoku native. Megumi was considered a weak student due to her lack of confidence and performance anxiety, resulting in low grades. She was initially considered the student most likely to fail out of Tōtsuki. Thanks to Sōma's help and encouragement, Megumi's skill has drastically improved and has become the underdog of the class. She has no particular style or forte, but her cooking evokes the feelings of her hometown and is filled with hospitality towards the eater. She earned a seat in the Elite Ten when the Rebels won the Régiment de Cuisine against Azami's Central.
10-е место

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Участник Описание Высочайшая позиция Поколение
Gin Dojima young mugshot (anime)
Гин Додзима
Considered a Living Legend in Tōtsuki, Gin was a central pillar of the Polar Star Dormitory's Golden Era and one of the most notable alumni to grace the academy. After achieving the highest graduation exam score in the history of Tōtsuki, Gin went on to become the General Head Chef & Board of Directors for the Tōtsuki Resort.
1-е место
Jōichirō Saiba mugshot (anime)
Дзёитиро Сайба
Jōichirō was the creator of his own original cooking style, the Yukihira Style, and was known across the academy as Asura. Like Gin, Jōichirō was a central pillar of the Polar Star Dormitory's Golden Era. Due to pressure from his peers to keep excelling and being the best in Tōtsuki, he left the Academy by suggestion of Senzaemon Nakiri, thus Jōichirō did not graduate from Tōtsuki. However, this did not stop him from becoming a world famous freelance chef before he settled down in Sumiredōri Shopping District to raise a family and run his own restaurant, Restaurant Yukihira.
2-е место
Riko Ebisawa mugshot
Рико Эбисава
Not much is known about Riko aside from the fact that she held the 4th seat in the Elite Ten Council during the Polar Star Dormitory's golden era. She was the best female chef in the Academy during her second year at Tōtsuki and was only beaten out by fellow Polar Star residents Gin, Jōichirō, and Azami.
4-е место
Azami Nakamura young mugshot
Адзами Накамура
The son in-law of Senzaemon Nakiri, Azami was previously a 3rd seat of the Elite Ten Council under Jōichirō and Gin in his first year at Tōtsuki. By his second year, he had obtained the first seat. Later in life he became the father of Erina Nakiri and eventually became the Director of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy after he forced Senzaemon to retire.
1-е место
Young Jun Shiomi mugshot (anime)
Джун Сиоми
The youngest known member of the Polar Star Golden Era, Jun is an expert spice researcher. According to Akira Hayama, Jun previously was a member of the Elite Ten Council, however the highest seat she ever took is unknown.
Young Kojirō Shinomiya mugshot (anime)
Кодзиро Синомия
Nicknamed the Légumes Magician, his most notable achievement up to date is receiving the honor of being the first Japanese man to ever win the Pluspol medal, a medal awarded to the chef with the highest contribution in culinary aspects in France at that respective year. He also owns a restaurant in France named Shino's and its Japan branch, Shino's Tokyo.
1-е место
Fuyumi Mizuhara young mugshot (anime)
Фуюми Мидзухара
A graduate of the 79th Tōtsuki Generation, Fuyumi was a colleague and fellow 79th Generation classmate of Kojirō and was the 2nd Seat of the Elite Ten Council by the time she graduated from the academy. After graduating, Fuyumi went on to become the head chef and owner of the Italian Restaurant, Ristorante F.
2-е место
Hinako Inui young mugshot (anime)
Хинако Инуи
A graduate of the 80th Tōtsuki Generation. Hinako was good friends with Fuyumi and Kojirō. During her time at Tōtsuki, Hinako was known as the "Mist Empress" and eventually held the 2nd Seat of the Elite Ten Council during her third year. After graduating, Hinako went on to establish her own Washoku styled Japanese Restaurant, Kirinoya.
2-е место
Taki Tsunozaki mugshot (anime)
Таки Цунодзаки
A graduate of the 88th Tōtsuki Generation. Little is known about Taki's life at Tōtsuki aside from the fact that she managed to earn the second seat in the Elite Ten. After graduation, she went on to establish her own Spanish restaurant, Taki Amarillo.
2-е место
Sonoka Kikuchi mugshot (anime)
Сонока Кикучи
A graduate of the 89th Tōtsuki Generation. Little is known about Sonoka's life at Tōtsuki aside from the fact that she managed to earn the second seat in the Elite Ten. After graduation, she went on to establish her own restaurant, Shunkatei.
2-е место
Tōsuke Megishima mugshot
Тосуке Мегисима
Known as the Shokugeki hating chef, Tōsuke is a Ramen master who currently leads the Ramen industry in Japan. Despite his lack of interest in competing, he somehow obtained the third seat of the Elite Ten. He opposed Azami's doctrine which suffocated many of the Ramen businesses he has helped, losing his seat in the process.
3-е место
Erina Nakiri mugshot (anime)
Эрина Накири

Member of the Nakiri family and granddaughter of Senzaemon Nakiri, Erina, joined the Elite Ten on enrollment due to her being the possessor of the infamous God's Tongue. Her God's Tongue has earned her a bit of infamy in the culinary world as a food consultant as any dish she deems unworthy can instantly end a chef's career. She resigned from her seat in the Elite Ten in order to fight alongside the rebels for the upcoming Régiment de Cuisine.

10-е место 92-е
Eishi Tsukasa mugshot
Эйси Цукаса
Несмотря на главенствующее место в Элитной Десятке, Эйси невероятно пессимистичен и склонен к самоедству. Тем не менее, он всегда проявлял отличное мастерство и колоссальные знания, максимизировавшие сущность любого ингредиента, которого он коснулся. Известный иначе как «Белый рыцарь стола», Эйси пользуется большим уважением студентов и других членов Элитной Десятки.
1-е место
Rindō Kobayashi mugshot
Риндо Кобаяси
Наиболее общительный член Десятки. Риндо — путешественница мирового класса, специализирующаяся на экзотических ингредиентах, таких как аллигатор. В настоящее время она является лучшей студенткой в ​​академии.
2-е место
Momo Akanegakubo mugshot
Момо Аканегакубо
Всегда носит игрушечную кошку по кличке Бучи. Является лучшим кондитером академии.
3-е место
Sōmei Saitō mugshot
Сомей Сайто
Следуя кодексу бусидо и имея при себе нож Ботё Исаканари, Сомей возглавляет индустрию суши как «итамае».
4-е место
Shōko Kaburagi mugshot
Сёко Кабураги
О Сёко мало известно, разве что она была одной из трёх студенток, выигравших поединок за освобожденные места Элитной Десятки. Технически она является самым сильным членом 91 поколения, учитывая ее нынешнее место.
5-е место
Julio Shiratsu mugshot
Джулио Сирацу
A self-proclaimed rival/admirer of Satoshi Isshiki, Julio is an Italian cuisine specialist who uses his trademark rondo style cooking. He is the second student who won the battle royale for the vacated Elite Ten Council seat.
8-е место